5 Top Secret I wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging



Making a decision to start a blog could be a great and exciting Idea to any new bloggers

Different bloggers had a lot of views regarding this topic, I intend to share my personal and unique experiences on some of the top-secret I wish I knew before starting my blog.

They said life is not fair, we either learn by example or by our personal experiences, which always causes a lot of blow and regrate. Since blogging is a journey, our personal experience is vital.

Nothing fast tracks your growth and effort in blogging like having an expert to walk through you through the maze of starting a blog or any business with their valuable experience.

They knew where the bends, bridges, potholes and so on are.

Permit to share with you my five (5) top secret I wish I knew before I started my blog, I know it will save you a lot of time, resource and energy.

1. Blogging is a Journey.

A journey is always adventurous in nature with different phases and can offer. I had a series of verbal attacks from people close to me on why wasting time on what is not is working, but my passion for this business was the only weapon that sustained me in this journey.

Blogging as any other business introduced me to all kinds of challenges that later brought out the hidden treasure in me.

I had my costly mistake and emotional blow as a newbie, but my undying passion and resilient to the game made me understand that my mistakes and failures are part of my growth processes.

Pro-bloggers would recommend different tools, courses, and resources, most of them are have promotional motives in which they have never use it before.

At the end of it all, you will only notice your growth and development in some of the personal risks and decisions you made as an entrepreneur.

2.    The Power of VRIN score

This could be new to many new bloggers, but I believe the phrase "content is king" is not new right?

I heard of  VRIN for the first time from TAI LOPAZ, an investor and social media influencer.

He listed the acronyms VRIN as

V- stands for Value, meaning a post or content must be rooted in what people care about and should  provide high value to the visitors

R- stands for Rare, Meaning a post or content should have some rare features, reflecting what your visitors don't often see.

I-stands for Inimitable, Meaning how hard is it for competitors to replicates your content and

N- stands for Non-substitutable Meaning there is no other place to access the information your blog delivers.

Using the VRIN score to evaluate your content has a huge benefit in any niche, whether it is Travel, Sports, Health and Weight loss, etc, the VRIN score can be a great guide to any new and season blogger.

3. I wish I knew the WHY QUESTION

A wise man said: " In life, if a purpose is not known abuse is inevitable".

Every business is a product of vision, and every visionary in life has a well define and a mission statement. This is your compass to guide your journey in life and business.

I wish I heard this before because you can only grow where you're planted. Touch this today, touch that tomorrow, can never take you anywhere.

You need a guide, a well defines guide to direct you.

You need to know WHY you're doing what you're doing. sometimes even your passion needs a special inspiration.

I recommend this video by Simon Sinek, Start with Why on youtube, this is a must-watch for a new blogger.

4. Blogging is an Organized  Business Not an Option for Unwanted Job. 

Many bloggers are fun of testifying how they left there 9-5 daily job to start a blog, while others will say you can start a blog with a free content management platform like wordpress.com or blogspot.com.

To me, real blogging goes beyond this, Blogging is a big-time business that demands all sense of responsibility. it required you to give a business-like approach.

As usual in any business, the principles of starting the day early and closing late at night, punctuality, taking initiative are all elements you can't do without especially at the early stage.

Take a look at the lifestyle of successful businessmen and women, read their biography, the secret of great men are in their stories, one common thing about them is they have deliberately, I mean deliberately drew a line of distinction between business and fun.

So, I wish I knew that before starting my blog, that blogging is not a hubby to spent your free time but a real business that needs a thorough investment of time, energy and resources in courses, ebooks, seminars, and consultation.

5. Content is King and Traffic is Queen.  

A kingdom with a king is incompleted without a queen. So also in blogging, no matter how rich your content, without a loyal audience, subscribing to your email list then success is far from you.

Learning how to generate traffic from social media and ranking high on the search engine becomes paramount to your success as a blogger.

Investing in traffic courses from seasoned bloggers with a proven track record is highly recommended, Pinterest has been the biggest option to many newbies, But learning the power of SEO is key to your growth.

Finally, With so many things to add to this, Blogging has been my passion and love, and these I believe are some the top secrets I wish to have known before starting my blog.

Things like choosing a good hosting company, the easy to monetize niche, avoid comparison and being a perfect dude are all good to me and should be considered also by any new blogger.

But, I considered the aforementioned list as my major challenges and top secret to share from the button of my heart.

You can also share or list anyone you think can be helpful to the audience in the comments box below, I will love to hear from you and test a few of your wonderful experiences.  see yah