Free Must Use Tools And Resources For Every Blogger

Now that you have decided to be a blogger, do you want to start it as a business or hubby?

I guess starting it as a business makes you a serious blogger right?….you may also be wondering where is the best place to start?.

What do I need to support my business, save time and money, If this is you, then I got you covered?

The good news is blogging becomes stress-free and can save a tone of your time, money and energy by just leveraging on some simple tools and resources.

You don’t have to start big, but you can think anyway since blogging is an investment that one must take some calculated risks.

It’s important to know, you don’t need to pay for premium email list building services as a newbie with a 3-4-month-old blog when mailchimp is offering you a free service to build 2000 email subscribers as a newbie to test your work before upgrading to premium.

You don’t need to buy stock photos as a newbie for your post when you have a better option and quality and free images to use from some of the tools and resources in post.

Before then, please don’t get me wrong on my partial lists, I guess. I believe in premium tools and services, I use a lot of it, but as a newbie, you need to test-run the best one that suits your business model and brands.

Here are my best free and favorable tools and resources I used at the beginner of my blogging business, and I'm glad to recommend it for you.


Are you thinking of the best content management platform to start a blog, check this one out?


You must have heard of the value of writing search engine friendly content as a new blogger.

Your headlines must be written with a strong positive or negative emotion towards a particular objective.

The words arrangement lower and upper case must be written in a captivated manner

Using these keyword research tools can enhance the quality of your content greatly and offer you a higher ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Pinterest, etc.

In most of these keyword research tools, a search bar is provided to enter your keywords, choose your related industry, country, and the result is always marvelous. You would have access to all related keyword suggestion, including the search volume, Lon tail keyword to use and build unique contents


One of the easiest ways to be guided during content development on what is trending online with location and industry is through leveraging on these great tools.


The quality of the headline is what attracts visitors to stay on your site and read your content. Good content without persuasive headlines will always have a low level of attraction and engagement.

So, your headline speaks volumes about your content and visitors. These tools can rearrange your headline and suggest a professional and attractive option for you.

All you need is to enter your preferred post headline on the tool search bar, press enter and it will help you with a preferred suggestion, rearrange, and reduce unnecessary words or phrases on it, the final result is always catchy and incredible.


  • Grammarly- this awesome tools can be a huge favor for every new blogger, it has really covered my ass, it helps my editing weaknesses, as a newbie I had no money to outsource my work for editing.

This simple tool saves me a lot of time and improves my writing skills. Thanks to Grammarly, just install it on the toolbar and it does the work, you can later upgrade to the premium version.

  • Hemingway app its similar to Grammarly, this simple tool has its amazing ways of addressing long and boring sentences in your post.


Writing a blog post without good images makes it looks boring to your readers, this tool offers the best photos and images for free.

Just use the search bar and enter your keywords, in every industry, eg digital marketing photo, select your desire and download. You can later edit it to suit your brands. All of these sites offer free and premium photos to use.


  • Canva – is always my number one tools, and recommend it to every new blogger, once you re scare to use photoshop then switch your allegiance to, easy and simple to use even if you’re not technically savvy.
  • Stencil – could be a canva substitute but I prefer canva to this, give it a try is also good.
  • Bufunky is an online image editing tool that allows you to freely edit your image, apply to your blog post.
  • Picmonkey is also great for editing
  • Recife- this tool is for customizing and designing a quote in an image form, this tool is a must-use if you want to design a unique outlook on your blog.
  • Easelly – this is a tool for designing info graph for statistic presentation and to those that are design savvy
  • Cloup App is a tool for creating amazing gift items and screencast customizing it for a particular time and purpose for everyone you desire to offer something surprising.
  • Color calculation- it gives you the privilege to access a color combination that compliment your blog post, graphic, images, ads.
  • Colorhaxa is also a tool for creating awesome color combinations for your blog post.


Maybe you have an idea to create a course to sell to the general public or promote a brand or you need a platform to learn new skills in your business.

  • Youtube
  • Skillshare. has a 2-month free package, if you enjoy the learning process with top-notch courses then you upgrade the premium version to build capacity in your business.



  • Jade and Oak having your blog’s legal packing are important even before some companies like google ad sense approve your request to be an affiliate. This is where to get legal templates tone of free tips and resources to stay out a legal challenge.

I believe this lists provided you with a great option to use or start your online business If you have any related one kindly  add it to the list because it would definitely enlarge someone's scope out there