How any new blogger can make money


So you want to know how new bloggers make money online right?

Almost every new blogger's wishes is to command attention.

It is frustrating when your effort is not yielding results in any venture you invested time, energy and resources.

This is my 5 simple ways every new blogger can earn cash without dazzle.

Google AdSense -This is affiliate services offers by google that allows registering for ads and place on your blog.

The rules are for you to display ads on your blog and when a visitor clicks it google pays for cash through checks.

the advantages benefit a blogger with a very huge traffic par day.

For now, I think adsence is becoming obsolete due to competition and better ads companies online.

The problems are once your blog has huge traffic, you can earn good cash in meadiview.

Affiliate programs- this is the act of promoting a promote and services own by somebody and he pays you to commission any time you make a sales.

This is possible through the unique affiliate ID that will be issued to you when you sign any affiliate companies.

This product could be digital or physical, sometime it could coaching.

Popular affiliate company to start with include

  • Shareasale's
  • Envato market
  • Ultimate bundles
  • Payoneer
  • Esty
  • ShopStyle

    Basically, I consider affiliate marketing as the easiest way to make money online by any newbie, you don't have to be technically savvy, all you need is determination and self-confidence.