How to Create a Profile In Pinterest That Makes Quick Money

Making your first $100 online could be a mind-blowing experience to every newbie, I am quite sure of this.

As a new blogger back then, I was obsessed with one major goal of making my first $100 online.

It might look funny to many people I guess, but it was very significant to my growth and business as a whole.

I was very excited to see it becoming a reality, and I want to share the same experience and how you can also earn your first money online with Pinterest marketing.

Trust me, you should never under-estimate the power of Pinterest as a starting point before going to other platforms like google and facebook.  

Pinterest as a visual search engine optimization that works with images, and has over 2.75 million, users across the world.

But the amazing things about Pinterest are not just the images it satisfies its user anytime they search for something, but the FREE avenue of making money online via driving massive traffic to your products and services within a short period of time.

The question now is HOW possible?


What's a niche? it's the particular subject or area you 're good at, a field you can create original content, and can possibly allow you to promote affiliate products or services on, that area you're obsessed with daily.

It could be fashion, Books, Food, Recipes, health, weight loss, travel, decoration, etc.

Pinterest has some specific niche that trends more than others. Read this article about the best niche to make money, 


 Create a free business account, a business account, click this link account

Do keyword research on Ubersuggest and pick a ten keyword to create a Board. 

The keywords are the related phrase in form of ideas as board titles describing what your niche is all about, eg if you're in the fashion niche, then creating boards like Men's shirt, Women underwears, Eyeglasses, Lingeries, Men's shoes etc, all portraying the products and services I can offer to my readers or audience 

The shortest way to create a great board without wasting your time is to go through some expert profile in your niche with a 300-500,000 pageview and above.

which is a good result and observed the specific keyword they use to create their boards and its description and save yourself the headache and create 10-15 boards

On the Pinterest search bar, on the Home page, there will be a display of different pins, save the first 10-15 inside the created board, use every board title and fill it with other people pin before you create your personal pin.

3. Fellow this step and audit your to rank on the Pinterest search engine.

Navigate to the top right side of your account and click this button, Edit setting == start with the profile setting

Display Name 

To make the Pinterest search engine recognize your account and rank at the top of the page, use some majors keywords specially the titles of your board, the core area you're known with on Pinterest.

As a fashion blogger, use the title of your board, like the fashion blogger, menswear, Lingeries, at least 3 of the major keywords you're known with.


Let it be the name of your blog or the name of your niche, eg fashion guru, fashion temple, sometimes these phrases might not be available, just create something related to your that is available.  

About your Profile

This caption will appear on your profile page, This must be your mission statement in a simple sentence describing what you intend to serve your audience and visitors using some specific keywords in your niche.

Eg I will help you with my top fashion tips on the trending men wears, ladies lingeries and best ways to dress on different occasions.

Avoid choking this box with unnecessary keyword to get rank on a search engine like some newbies, these tricks don't work again. Just try and strategically use 2-3 keywords and that's all.

5. Edit your Boards and their description with keywords.

On the Pinterest search bar, enter the title of one the boards, and copy the display keywords or related phrases on a separate sheet, then use it to describe what that board is all about.

Pinterest has provided some specific categories for a different niche, select the best that suite your needs.