My 6 Valuable Gifts to Any New Blogger

Let me begins with my favorable quote from Henry Ford, "My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me".

This has been my guiding principle towards keeping human relations, and it is exactly what this post is all about. So, may I welcome to the world of blogging a platform for self-expression.

In your quest to be a pro-blogger, you need to know that it’s a journey with unexpected challenges, However, nothing makes this journey stress-free like empowering yourself with the necessary tools to become a real problem solver.

Your greatest  CALLED in blogging as a business is to build your visitor's capacity, possess the ability to solve someone's problem and curiosity.

I carefully researched these 6 (six) weapons to use on your way, which can place you above the newbie realm and mentality.

1. PERSONAL BELIEF (Know thyself)

Been a newbie is not a crime, nor a big deal, but an exciting experience to take a new turn in life.

To be good in any field, one must have the gut to stand the best people in your field. you can only be champion if you can stand the existing champion in the rim, so they said

The Greek philosopher Socrates said and I quote 'know thy self'.

It is a normal thing to know that starting up a new business is a daunting and exciting experience, what gets you through the tough times because there is a tough time,  Is the ability to believe yourself that you are going to succeed.

No one blows your trumpet for you, your work is your personal responsibility.

To sum it all, I call this the REFINING PROCESS, it is for your good. Know thyself and Believe in Thyself


This must be a clear picture of your blog, you have to define what your business intends to be in the future, what’s your brand all about.

The clarity of your vision will instantly give birth to your NICHE, (your area of concentration), Here is an article about the best 5 niches in blogging.

Design the scope of your blog; be specific with your niche because Jack of all trades is a master of none.

If your niche is health, for example, you can narrow it to something diabetes blog, Breast cancer’s blog weight loss, etc.

Vision is direction and script to implement; this is how far you see yourself making an impact in the world. Also consider minor things like color, themes, tools and resources to use.


This is the daily act of cultivating new skills, grooming new habits, exploring your potential to make a better version of yourself.

Developing yourself encompasses knowing your straight and weakness, understanding how to manage time, plans, set goals and acquiring the discipline to execute it.

This is a life-time journey that leads into self-discovery, possessing the power to tap into your inner straight and gaining the ability to stand the test of time.

This is how to build your VOICE, becoming an authority in your Niche.


The only perception you can have as a new blogger is how can I offer something valuable to the curious searches on the internet.

Do not crave for success, just be a person of value and success, the money will follow you automatically

People are hungry for valuable content, services, and products out willing to offer something that will live a sweet memory in someone’s life and build loyal followers.


Sometimes wrong expectations can lead to depression and giving up too soon.

Having a spirit of perseverance is the number one skill to strive in the midst of competition. The undying passion to make a point is key to your growth and development.

You need to know also that new businesses are invisible and unattractive to many, so don't let people's opinions to deter you from moving forward.

The daily push by the owner can make a great difference.


We’re all synthesizers according to 'Brian Tracy'  what we claim we know today, is a combination of an idea from a different source.

No one on earth can claim to be the rightful owner of any new idea. We’re all building on the existing one.

The moment you’re waiting for a brand new idea that has never existed before, the more you procrastinate and delay your emergence.

Just be bold to know a subject very well and recreate a brand new content out of your point of view and portray it towards meeting up someone's desperate needs.

Finally, these tips and many more out there can change your perspective and give you a push to start your blog. However, there is so much to blogging but this post can create a positive impression to any newbies.

I can wait to see you there, and if there is anything you can add to this post, please feel free and fill it on the comments box below.

I will love to hear from you. Cheers